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g_a_fanatik in iconick

coloring inspired by the amazing AMBER @ pullyourtangles

textures by me
can be found at xicontexturesx


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I just wanted to say that the end result is just absolutely gorgeous.
ah :) tysm! it works on models too lol i was just too lazy to show examples :)
Awesome tutorial, adding to memories. Thanks!
thank you!
Whoahhh this effect is amazing =D your tutorials are fantastic n_n
:D thank you so much! <3 your icon! alex=<3
thank you!
beautiful result, gonna mem it
Gorgeousness! thank you loads, i love all your tutorials and i'm beyond psycho that you've posted like 90 in the past couple days XD
LOL! the muse has returned! that and i finally upgraded software <3
Awesome! I'm definitely going to try using this sometime ^^
<3 thanks!
I love this! Mem'd.

thank you!
This is a beautiful effect!! question though (probably a stupid one), What program did you do this in, and do you know how to do it in Paint Shop Pro?
I did this in PSCS3 and unfortunately *sniff* PSP doesnt offer selective coloring. You can however, play with the colorbalance layers. I will see if I can mimick the tutorial so that its translateable :)
<3 thanks
this is so pretty. I memmed it for future use.
The result is too overdone imo but I love the first 7 steps so I'm definately memming this for future stock use and crediting you in my resources.
:) thanks so much <3

Mind if I friend you?
sure :) <3 thanks!
thanks so much :)
Beautiful tutoral...I will try! ^^
Thank you
thank you :)
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